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CCMWA has award-winning water treatment and testing facilities which include: The Quarles Water Treatment Plant (WTP), Wyckoff WTP and Simmons Microbiological Laboratory. Each facility is staffed with certified professionals who manage the operations 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The dual WTPs provide production flexibility and reliability for the CCMWA customer service area, and the laboratory ensures safety and regulatory compliance.

James E. Quarles Water Treatment Plant

The Quarles Water Treatment Plant was the first CCMWA water treatment plant and was built in 1952. Since that time it has undergone many system enhancements and expansions to meet the growing community’s water needs and is currently permitted to produce 86 million gallons per day. CCMWA is planning a $40 million upgrade for the Quarles WTP in the coming years to maintain its reputation for excellence. While its mission of providing the highest quality drinking and fire protection water is the same as the Wyckoff WTP, Quarles is different in that it receives its water from the Chattahoochee River. There are more than 30 employees at the Quarles WTP, and they monitor, execute and manage every aspect the water treatment process using proven treatment processes.

Hugh A. Wyckoff Water Treatment Plant

Originally built in the 1960s, the Wyckoff Water Treatment Plant has expanded and enhanced its operations over the years and is permitted to produce 72 million gallons of water per day. In July 2010, CCMWA approved an $80 million improvement project to ensure that Wyckoff continues to process water from Lake Allatoona into clean and safe water for drinking and fire protection for the CCMWA service area. The Wyckoff improvements will be the largest single infrastructure project in the history of CCMWA. There is a team of 35 industry professionals at Wyckoff, including nine class 1 Water Operators, who manage all aspects of the treatment process to ensure the highest standards.

Calvin F. Simmons Microbiological Laboratory

CCMWA’s laboratory is responsible for testing the water that CCMWA provides to its wholesale customers to ensure that it meets State and federal water quality standards. The Lab analyzes approximately 500 water samples a month from original water sources, CCMWA’s water transmission system and the wholesale customers’ distribution systems. The Lab also provides, for a fee, microbiological water testing services to residents who have wells. The Lab is certified as a microbiological lab by the State of Georgia, and four of the ten employees hold Georgia Laboratory Analyst Certifications. The laboratory facilities include a research lab, chemistry lab, microbiology lab, level II micro lab, media prep lab and incubator lab.


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